Order of Worship: 04/23/17

The Lord’s Day

April 23, 2017


   God’s Church in Action

            Kingdom Builder’s Update ‘Our Bean People’


 Gathering Around the Throne of God

   Receiving the Light of Christ in Our Midst/Prelude

* Greeting

* Call to Worship                                         1 Chronicles 29:10-13

* ‘Let Your Glory Fall’

* Invocation

* Church Family Greeting  

* ‘Power of Your Love’

   Scripture Reading: Psalm 23:1-3

‘God is My Refuge’

   Scripture Reading: Psalm 73:28

‘Near to the Heart of God’ #497

   Prayer of Confession         

* Assurance of Pardon                                              Acts 13:38-39

* ‘Because He Lives’ #213  

   Giving of our Tithes & Offerings

* Doxology

Children through age 9 are dismissed to Children’s Church


Bowing Before the Word of God

Sermon Series: ‘The Gospel of Luke: Encountering Jesus’

   Message: ‘Jesus: Lord of the Sabbath’             Text: Luke 6:1-11


Responding With a Heart for God

   Prayer in the Lobby

* Scripture Reading: Matthew 11:28-29

* ‘Like a River Glorious’ #494 (1,2)

* Benediction

* Taking the Light of Christ to Our World/Postlude

* Please Stand…As You Are Able



Building the Kingdom of God… Together

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