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Adult Bible B.L.A.S.T Week Three “The Church” cont. -10/15/17

10/15/17 ILL: A mega-church in California made headlines when they canceled all of their worship services over the weekend. Rather than meeting together in an air-conditioned sanctuary, they closed its doors for what they called a “Weekend of Service,” providing churchgoers the opportunity to actually show the love of Jesus in their community.• Of the […]

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Adult Bible B.L.A.S.T Week Two “The Church” cont. -10/08/17

10/8/17  Question: What is the name given by theologians for the study of the church? Ecclesiology The roots of the word ecclesiology come from the combination of two Greek words: ἐκκλησίᾱ,  meaning ‘called out ones’ ‘local gathering’ or ‘church’ λογία,  meaning “words”, “knowledge” Put together ecclesiology is the study of the church. Question: For arguments sake, let’s say […]

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Adult Bible B.LA.S.T. Week One “The Church”-10/01/17

A Study of the Church and Christian Denominations 2017-2018 Calvary Baptist Church Adult Bible Blast Pastor Bob – Leader   A Study of Christian Denominations 2017-18 Calvary Baptist Church Adult Bible Blast    Sources Used/Referenced/Adapted  Internet based sermons, papers, blogs, studies: William Barclay, John Stott, H. Spurgeon, W. Temple, C. John Weborg, Melanie Y. Clark, James Davis […]

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