Men’s Breakfast

Join the men of Calvary Baptist Church the last Saturday of the month at 8 am for some great food, fellowship and teaching from God’s Word. On the week it’s scheduled, Check our events page for location.

Why Christian Men Need Each OtherĀ by Pete Richardson

Redwood trees are the giants of the forest. They tower above the earth at heights of over three hundred feet. Unlike most trees, which send their roots to a depth equaling their height, redwoods send their roots outward, intermingling their roots with one another. Together they form a fortified unit, a secure stronghold that allows these giants to withstand high winds.

That is how strength is achieved among men as well, by working together as a unified whole. Men working together brings strength, whether dealing in the workplace, leading families at home, or serving in churches.

Men provide a great resource for one another when they are connected. Imagine, for instance, what would happen if the men in our church began to unite. If they met to pray for each other, their families, jobs, pastor, church and community. If we banded together when a brother struggles and did all they could to help each man in the group increase his reliance on God. We can do more than just imagine it… We can DO IT!