Pioneer Girl Sunday 2021-02/21/21

Pioneer Clubs Sunday

Message: ‘Trusting God in life’s troubling times’

Text: Psalm 62

 Introduction: It is so good to be able to speak to our Pioneer Girls here at CBC. They are a very important part of what we do at our church. So, it’s with great pleasure that I get to organize one worship celebration a year with them in mind.

This year, the PG theme verse is Psalm 62:2. And to make it a bit easier to remember, the leaders paraphrased that verse this way:

  • Jesus is our Rock and our Fortress.

As I usually do, I will expand the message this morning to include the whole Psalm… so we can get the big picture, as well as some of the wonderful details.

So, let me start with a question: PP:

  • Kids, when you get hurt, when you fall and cut your knee or scrap your elbow, where do you go?
  • More than likely you’ll go to either mom or dad.

And you go to them for a few of reasons:

  • First, your mom and dad have always told you that if you ever get hurt, come to them.
  • Second, when you came to your mom or dad for help, they stopped what they were doing, took you in their arms and asked you what was wrong.
  • When you said.. my knee is bleeding and it hurts, they immediately started to clean it up and put a bandage on it. PP:
  • Third, you came to you mom or dad when you get hurt because you learned that they can help you.. They’re grown ups and they know what to do to make it better.
  • And finally, you came to your mom and dad when you get hurt because you’ve learned that they love you soooooo very much.

After they put the bandage on your scraped knee or elbow, they kissed your boo boo and gave you a big hug. PP:

  • All of that helped you remember that when you get hurt you go to mom or dad and they will always be there to help you.

Now, another time you go to your mom and dad is when you’re scared… right? PP:

Have you ever been in bed at night during a bad storm?

  • The wind blows hard and the rain hits your bedroom window. Then… you start to hear strange noises, like voices even, or growls… and you get scared because you think someone or something might be trying to get you…

ILL: When my daughter Becky was young we lived in Pa. and she had an upstairs bedroom with a tree outside her window.

And during bad storms when the wind would blow hard and the lightning and thunder would roar, that tree outside would turn into a monster with 8 arms trying to break through the window to get her.

  • Can I tell you all something? I am so glad my bedroom was downstairs and away from that tree.
  • That would scare me too.

Anyway, you’re scared, what do you do? PP:

  • Well you either yell MOM or DAD there something trying to get you.. or you jump really fast out of bed and run to you parent’s bedroom.


  • Because you know it’s a safe place.
  • Because you know your parents will protect you.

Why do you know that?

  • Because it’s not the first time you jumped into their bed when you were scared… right?

And they would either go back to your room and make sure there was nothing there to hurt you… or they let you sleep in their bed with them for the night.

But… either way, you knew you could come to your mom and dad to be safe when you’re scared.

  • Because they’re grown-ups and can protect you.
  • And because they love you and don’t want anything bad to happen to you.

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Well, if you’ve ever felt that way, then you know hoe King David felt when there were real people who were trying to hurt him.

  • He was scared. And…he didn’t have his mom or dad he could run to.
  • But he did have God, His Heavenly Father, who he knew would protect him because God was powerful and because God loved him very much.

So, that’s what Psalm 62 is all about. It that David knew he could trust God… for everything… because he knew that God had the power to protect him and that God loved David so very much.

The truth is, no matter how old we are, there’s times when we’re afraid… when we’re hurting in some way, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone we can run to for help. King David wrote this Psalm for us, because he knew by experience, that

  • God is our rock and our fortress…
  • we can trust Him and Him alone.

Background: Psalm 62 has been a great comfort to many Christians who were struggling, who were afraid and who had no place else to go for help.

  • It’s said that Psalm 62 was one of Martin Luther’s favorite Psalms way back in the 1500’s. He knew what it was like to have people want to hurt you even kill you.
  • Luther learned to run to God, his Rock, his fortress… for protection and love.
  • And I know he would want us to do the same.

Transition: So… let’s open our Bibles to Psalm 62.

  1. Psalm 62:1-2 God alone… pt.1

PP: For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation. He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be greatly shaken.

Right off the bat, there are 2 things I really struggle with in that text… waiting and silence.

I am a very impatient man… how about you? PP:

  • Impatient means we don’t like to wait… for anything… in lines at the store, for dinner to be made, or to open our presents at Christmas,

And I am a man that’s not a friend of silence. All day, even sometimes when I got to bed at night, there’s music playing. I think I learned that from the world around me: PP:

  • There’s music in elevators, in dept stores, in Shoprite, in restaurants, in town squares at Christmas, in our cars, on our phones, in the waiting room at the hospital, the place I get my hair cut, even in the subway.

It’s like we just can’t stand it when it’s silent… PP:

  • (take a long pause w/o speaking…)

And.. what’s really hard is to have to WAIT IN SILENCE! Like for this sermon to end…

Well, did you know David wrote many of the Psalms in the Bible? Did you know that the Psalms in the Bible are… songs… put to music?

So King David knew a little something about music.. but here he tells us what’s even more important… PP:

  • To wait in silence…… for God, and for God alone.

David, in verses 3-4, is going to tell us that he’s really in a lot of trouble, that he has people; strong people, evil people, who want to hurt him.

  • If we were in David’s shoes, we would run away, hide. But that’s not what he does.

Instead of running, he goes to God in prayer… and waits… in silence.

  • In other words. He’s ‘chillin.’ He’s being still before God. He’s waiting for God to answer him, to help him…
  • He’s not listening to all the voices in his head that tell him he can’t trust in God and he has to do it all himself.

And note he’s only waiting on God.

  • He’s not posting his trouble on Facebook to see what his friends think he should do.

PP: David, speaking to himself, says: For God alone my soul waits in silence. Why? Why doesn’t he get his army to defend him, to save him?

Because he’s learned to only trust in God… that’s why he said For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation.

  • Salvation here is not spiritual but physical.

David is waiting, being still before God, because he knows God will protect him…

  • just like your mom and dad protects you those scary nights in your bedroom.

David trusts God, because God has never let him down. That’s why David says that God alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress;

  • Often when we say God is our rock, this is what we think of. PP:
  • BUT, this is the kind of rock God really is: PP:

God was also David’s fortress… PP: Do you know what a fortress is? It’s a place you can go, to be safe.

PP: It’s what your parent’s bedroom is on that stormy night when you’re scared and they let you jump into bed with them…where you’ll be safe.

Now don’t miss this… When times get tough, no matter how old you are, David isn’t saying that God is one of the many people he can go to be safe.

He’s saying that God is the ONLY One he can go to, to be truly safe.

So, David is scared,

  • he’s waiting on God, he’s silent, he’s not talking to others, asking for their opinion. He’s waiting on God only…

And…he’s already starting to feel better, stronger, not so afraid. We know that because David finished verse 2 by saying: I shall not be greatly shaken.

I think the picture here is one of ‘tug of war.’ You’ve played the game right? PP:

Let’s not miss that David is not saying he won’t be moved at all… He’s saying,

  • I’m pretty confident that even if I move, it’ll only be a little bit.. I won’t get pulled into the mud.. too much.

Hold on to that cause we’ll get back to it in a bit.

Transition: So, King David is scared, he’s in real trouble and he’s telling himself to just wait on God to help, be silent, don’t talk to others or listen to their voices. God will come to his aid, God will save him… just wait and trust.

  1. Psalm 62:3-4 Trouble is here

PP: How long will all of you attack a man to batter him, like a leaning wall, a tottering fence? They only plan to thrust him down from his high position. They take pleasure in falsehood. They bless with their mouths, but inwardly they curse. Selah

It’s here that David tells us what’s happening to him, the kind of trouble he’s in. PP:

  • He’s saying that it’s so bad that he’s like a fence that’s leaning and will fall over if the wind blows a bit too hard.

You see, there are people in his life that don’t want him to succeed. They don’t want him to be king anymore.

  • They’re trying to push him off the throne, they’re lying to him and about him, they’re saying nice things to his face, but inside they really hate him and want him dead.

To David it looks like bad things just keep on pilling up, one after the other w/o a break.

Unfortunately, you don’t have to be a king for people not to like you or to say bad things about you. Some people just don’t like you and don’t want to see you get ahead… usually of them.

And to make this even more relevant… don’t many of us feel like that right now? So much bad has piled up around us and when one things is taken care of another bad things happens… Take:

The Covid-19 Pandemic

  • With it’s lockdowns, restrictions, sickness and even death.
  • Then businesses started to close, people are out of work, unemployment doesn’t make ends meet.
  • Then the schools closed and went virtual, making it even more difficult for those parents who are working.
  • Then the vaccination is a reality only you can’t get it.

Let’s pile on to that the’ summer of love’, I mean rioting, destroying business and killing people.

Then add on the recent presidential election and all that brought with it.

NOW, add the record cold we’re having that has brought not only snow and ice but homes flooding due to busted pipes… and no electricity because an entire power grid is out for days.

Folks listen… there are a lot of people today who feel like that fence. They feel like that will fall over, be destroyed, if one more thing pushes against them.

If that’s you, listen to the words of King David.

  • They’re so important that he repeats them again in verses 5-7
  1. Psalm 62:5-7 God alone… pt. 2

PP: For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence, for my hope is from Him. He only is my rock and my salvation, my fortress; I shall not be shaken. On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is God.

Some time has passed between verse 2 and verse 5.

  • David spent a lot of time waiting silently for God to act on his behalf.
  • And during that time of waiting, he learned to trust God even more than he had before.

We see that in one line in verse 6 which records David saying I shall not be moved.  Earlier, in verse 2 David said I shall not be greatly shaken. There is a significant difference.

  • PP: In verse 2 David said he might be moved a bit but wouldn’t be pulled in to mud… at least not that much.

Here David places all his trust in God to help him… So he now says PP:


His confidence is in His God who has promised to protect him… and David believed God’s promises.

One more thing… notice all the my’s here.

  • My rock, my salvation, my fortress, my glory, my mighty rock, my refuge.

David is making this very personal…

  • He’s not referring to a god he read about on Facebook, he’s referring to HIS God, the God whom he has a personal, intimate relationship with.

And that’s also why David can be so certain that he can trust God in his time of trouble.

So much so that he now stops talking to himself and starts talking… to us.

  1. Psalm 62:8 Trust God… always

PP: Trust in Him at all times, O people; pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah

Let’s not miss what David was saying here. He’s telling

  • all people, everywhere, at all times, in all situations… to TRUST GOD!

David bases this on the very character of God Himself, as well as, on the fact that God had never let him down.

  • God and God alone is worthy of that kind of singular confidence, in every aspect of our lives.

And, David said, in the process of trusting God, pour out your heart to Him, tell Him everything.

  • The phrase pour out is a Hebrews term that describes the complete emptying of a liquid from a container so that there is nothing left (Jeffery Anselmi)

David’s challenging us to: pour out…All of our emotions, all of our thoughts, all of our fears, all of our sorrows, and all of our troubles.

  • Pour out the struggles you’re having in your marriage, pour out your hurt, pour out your doubts.
  • Let them flow from your heart to your loving Heavenly father.

Don’t hold anything back.

  • Because there isn’t any relationship God can’t restore.
  • There isn’t any hurt God can’t heal.
  • There isn’t any doubt God can’t answer.
  • There isn’t any fear God can’t give you the confidence to handle.
  • There isn’t any kind of disappointment that God can’t bring you blessing.

Pioneer Girls… and everyone else listening to me…Trust God.

  1. Psalm 62:9-10 Don’t trust people or things

PP: Those of low estate are but a breath; those of high estate are a delusion; in the balances they go up; they are together lighter than a breath. Put no trust in extortion; set no vain hopes on robbery; if riches increase, set not your heart on them.

Trust only God, David says, because you’ll be tempted to place your trust in others people, in other things. And none of them will measure up.

PG, you know this:

  • Did you ever have a friend who made you a promise and then didn’t keep it?
  • Did you ever have a friend who was mean to you because you didn’t do what they asked?

David mentions that we should not place our trust I people, whether they be poor or rich, each in their own ways will let us down.

He’s saying that we should not trust, place our hope in people, because we are putting our hope in thin air, as it were.

  • Place your hope in God who is our rock, our fortress, our refuge, our strong tower…
  • He will never disappoint you.

Then he says look if your trouble involves finances, don’t place your hope, your trust, in illegal ways to get money; like blackmail, theft, cheating.

And, he says, even if you should get a lot of money,  don’t place your trust in your money. You’ll die and you can’t take it with you.

  • Notice this… love of riches is placed on the same level as blackmail and theft.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Trust in God.. alone.

Transition: Finally, in verses 11-12 David gives us another reason to trust God.

  1. Psalm 62:11-12 Rely on God’s power and love

PP:  Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this: that power belongs to God, and that to You, O Lord, belongs steadfast love. For You will render to a man according to his work.

Once God has spoken; twice have I heard this this may sound confusing but it just means that over and over again David has found this to be true. God answered him, God delivered him, God met his need, God was faithful… why?

  • Because God is all powerful and God is all loving.

That’s what David learned about God from waiting silently for Him.

  • And PG, that’s what you learned every time you hurt yourself and your mom or dad made it better and then kissed your boo boo and gave you a hug.

You see, God gives us parents so that we can see Him in them, so that we can learn about Him, His power and His love, from how our moms and dads help us and love us.

  • So this shouldn’t be all that hard to understand.

The only difference is that God is way more powerful and way more loving than your mom and dad.

  • So, when you learn you can trust your mom and dad,
  • David in Psalm 62 wants you to know that you can trust God soooo much more.

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 Conclusion: Friends, trouble comes to us in many different forms;

  • For some it financial, for some it’s emotional, for some it’s relational, for some it’s physical.

In each situation and circumstance, we struggle with trust…

  • and because of the fast paced lives we live,
  • because of the pressure the world places on us,
  • and because of our choice to live more in the world then in Christ,

Instead, we rarely choose to wait silently for God alone and rather look to others and to other things to bring us satisfaction. But.. in time, they all fail us.

I want to encourage you all to remember a time when God stepped in to help you, to protect you, to meet a particular need.

Remember His power to resolve the issue and His love in comforting you in the midst of it all.

Then remember another time and another time.

Allow it to build your confidence like it did Davids, so that you will say with David…

  • Because God is my rock and my fortress,
  • I shall not be moved!

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