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From the Blog

Adult Bible B.L.A.S.T Week Eight “The Church” cont. -12/03/17

12/3/17 Missional Movement Question: What do you know about the Missional Church?  In the Missional model there is always a sense of “sent-ness” (John 20:21) – bringing the good news to them, vice asking them to come and be part of us. It’s “go and tell” vice “come and see.” According to author Brad Blocksom […]

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Adult Bible B.L.A.S.T Week Seven “The Church” cont. -11/26/17

11/26/17 Other Movements During the twentieth and twenty-first centuries we have seen a large growth in movement-based Christianity. The popularity of ecumenism in this postmodern environment has led many to cross denominational boundaries and establish trans-denominational movements that are very popular. Evangelicalism: Question: What do you know about Evangelicalism? The Evangelical movement began in the […]

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Adult Bible B.L.A.S.T Week Six “The Church” cont. -11/05/17

11/5/17 Question: So, do you think those instructions have changed for us today? How can we, as a church, do that? The early church/Christians had no financial resources, no buildings, no social status, no government approval. And after they were kicked out of the Jewish synagogues, they had no place to go. But what finally […]

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