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Women’s Walk

  February 28, 2020

For any woman who is serious about deepening her study of God’s Word, devoting herself to intercessory prayer, AND experiencing Christian Fellowship.

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From the Blog

Small Group: The Church & Denominations-09/05/18

Friends / Quakers Founded: It began in England during the mid-1600s, as people questioned the established church and sought new ways to understand Christianity. The emerging faith community gathered around the leadership of George Fox and others who encouraged people to be guided by a direct, firsthand encounter with the Spirit. These Quakers were seeking […]

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Small Group: The Church & Denominations-06/20/18

Church of the Nazarene PP: Founded: This denomination has its beginning from John Wesley and is founded in the holiness movement of the 1700’s in England. In the US this church began in 1907 as a joining took place of three holiness churches and the original name was Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. In 1919 […]

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Small Group: The Church & Denominations-05/16/18

Calvary Chapel Founded:  While Chuck Smith was a member of the Foursquare Gospel Church, he reported a prophecy came to him in which the Lord said to him that He was changing his name. His new name would mean “Shepherd” because the Lord was going to make him the shepherd of many flocks and the church would not […]

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